5 Types Of Showroom

Showrooms are usually large space used to showcase products, services, and marketing tools that the company could offer to its customers, designed to impress and attract customers. Showrooms could also be seen in a hotel, condominium unit and exhibits. Below are the most common types of showroom nowadays.

1. Branding

It is a type of showroom that helps the company to boost their brand in a tangible way. Most of the interior shows a luxurious approach to make someone admire the brand. The brand must show consistent from the entrance logo, the showrooms interior, lighting, documents, and calling cards.

2. Promotion

It is a type of showroom widely use by the companies. By the word itself, it is used to promote products allowing the customers to see the products before ordering them. Some examples of a showroom for promotion are topper ware showrooms, range stove showrooms, timber flooring showrooms Melbourne, kitchen utensils showroom, furniture showroom lights and sound showroom, car showroom and many more.

3. Customer Experience

It is a type of showroom wherein products are also displayed to impress. The only difference is it is made to create social interaction with the use of customers’ experiences with the existing or upcoming products. Some examples of a Customer experience showroom are:

•Firsthand experience of the prototype of a New PC, Mobile phone or other electronic devices.

•Showcase on how to do an installation without a professionals help. Some examples of this product are the good flat pack cabinets which are a modular kitchen cabinet that is easy to install, the puzzle carpet tile, bookshelves, and other furniture that could assemble easily.

•Cleaning products that could show how easy the customers could use it or clean it after use.

•Showroom for a condominium unit used to help the clients experience and visualized the unit that the company offers.

•Showroom for Multi-functional furniture used to help the clients understand how they would use the furniture with the most out of it. 4.


It is a type of showroom only open for those who are interested to be a company partner or stockholders. This type of showroom is usually for companies who do not sell directly to a customer or companies that handle multiple brands.5.

Retail Showroom

It is a type of showroom wherein the Retail shops are in a transition period that makes a current trend, wherein retails change their designs into a showroom that gives branding, customer experience and promotion to its customers. Some of the successful retail showrooms are Nike, Target, and Clearly Contacts. The types of showroom described and explained above are only a few of the types of showroom we could find around us but overall it is something designed to impress and to boost the companies profile to its customers.