Considering Where To Go

Shielding your household from the sun’s high temperature is different from protecting your home from the sunlight. I would recommend the morning sunlight entering your house unless it is a direct glare. It gives your house warmth and good vibes. During the summer the heat can be terrible even if the sunlight is not entering your house. When the heat rises there many ways in which you could keep the temperature down. It is not a significant decrease but it something is better than nothing.

The basic idea is to try to keep the heat out before it gets in. One way to keep the heat out is by keeping the sunlight from entering the house. It is obvious you don’t want any sight of the sun during the summer. You can put up awnings or if you have a deck in back yard, privacy blinds in Sydney will work. 

It will help keep the sun out and as well as keep the heat out. You can find a good place to buy online anyway where, if you are after banners, just search on Google, “advertising banners in Perth” and you will be able to find some good places in Australia.

Nature has its own way of helping us. We just are not seeing it or using nature to help cope with nature. Having a big tree in your yard on the side of your house where the sun is up during summer can help shade the house from the sun. Trees don’t grow over night so you will have to plan over head for this one. Plant one this summer and it might just grow big enough to help you next summer. Another cool nature trick is to grow vines on the wall. Plants alone are cooling but when the plants grow alongside the walls it keeps the walls cool thus keeping the indoors cool as well. They say that vines can ruin the building but it all depends on the type of vine and the type of building you have. You may do a little research and find out what vine suits your building. Vines such as creepers grow quickly and also the ivy and Russian vine does too.

If you are fan of cricket do you know why in 5 day matches called test matches, the players where full white and white unlike the 50 over matches where they wear color? That is because they have to play five days in a row under the sun during the day and the white color of the clothes tend to reflect heat and light. I would recommend you to paint the roof the same. Maybe not white in color but something light so that the heat is reflected off the roof and not absorbed in.