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Wimbledon is a very renowned tennis tournament where only the best of the best get to play on the grass courts that London offers woth perfect line trimmers Whangarei. With over 170 years of existence this tournament is rich in history and it has a lot of rules which every participant must obey, whether it’s a contestant or a spectator.

Wimbledon usually lasts 14 days in the month of June and for those couple of weeks there is a lot of preparation being done, starting with February with the forming of the Ball Boys and Girls (BBG) teams that are thoroughly examined and trained to be “as unseen as possible” on the grass court during matches. This is a part of the Wimbledon tradition and it gets a lot of attention since the children, who are ages 9 to 15, that work during the tournament get great validation points in their curriculum vitae, for being disciplined. 

Traditions and facts about Wimbledon

There is another tradition at Wimbledon; that of serving strawberries and cream all day long. This signifies the beginning of summer because that’s when then strawberries at their peak and it’s been done for as long as the tournament has existed. Some even consider it as important as the tennis itself. The tennis courts are often referred to as manicures because they’re so well trimmed and cut.

Because all these make the Wimbledon such a fancy, classy and interesting sports show it has become a really popular attraction among the travel agencies which now offer many good deals for those who are eager to see London and the famous Wimbledon arena.
Wimbledon 2015 packages are in great demand. Fans all over the world gather up and ask to leave as a group or even people that don’t know very much about tennis they tend to be attracted to the very idea of being on a renowned and prestigious tennis arena. Whatever the reason may be, the tennis tournament should be on everyone’s list, at least once in a lifetime.

These Wimbledon 2015 packages come up with accommodation for 1 or 2 nights in great rated and provide great sales English hotels and they also offer the possibility of choosing your own seat on various courts.

The Royal Family is an honored guest at Wimbledon

It has been known that the Royal Family usually attends this event in their private royal area and if you’re lucky you can meet the Queen or the Prince of Wales and who knows, maybe even Prince William and his wife The Duchess with their babies. It is rumored that contestants must bow before the Queen and the Prince of Wales only, as per new regulations.

Compared to other events like Formula 1 in Singapore and the tickets sold there, the Wimbledon Championship is a much bigger source of revenue and much more popular around the world.

Everything about the Wimbledon event screams of good taste and thorough preparation and it would be an incredible opportunity to visit London and to be a part of something so grand, each year. Instead of watching it on TV you could be there and enjoying it LIVE, plus tasting all those delicious strawberries.