How To Differentiate Wine Glasses

While we all celebrate our special occasions with a glass of wine, would it hurt to know which glass goes with which type? One of the gravest blunders that people make nowadays seems to be matching the wrong glass with the wrong type of beverage. Therefore, this article will help you determine which type of glass needs to be used at for the specific type of wine that you are planning to use; it could be made out of crystal or glass, whichever it may be, looking below might present you with a few helpful tips.

Red wines are commonly the darker version of this beverage as it is made with the inclusion of the skin which is one of the main reasons for the darker colour to be present. It is also made out of the darker fruit which is red or blacker as well. These are to be served in larger glasses with the bowls that are larger and fuller in size. The Bordeaux glass and the burgundy glass are two famous types of glasses that these can be served in.

This type is made out of both the previously mentioned fruit or even with the fruit without skin which is lightly coloured along with a flavour to it. As these are known to be served to be with food that are considered to be lighter, the typical glass that you need to pick out of wine cellars in Melbourne should look upright with a U shaped bowl that helps the cold temperature to be maintained. Types like Chenin Blanc, Muscat Blanc, Viognier and Riesling are served in these.

Sparkling wine, which is better known to all as champagne is typically a crowd favourite. This is also considered to be much more luxurious than the other types of wines, and is especially used in toasts at special occasions. This has a hint of sparkling effect which is added through the carbon dioxide in the fermentation process. The most known one would be the champagne flute that you see on building a wine cellar which is narrower than any other wine glass.

These, as the title itself suggests are pink because the outer grape skin is added only a few hours prior to the fermentation process. There are two main types of rose wine glasses that you are most likely to see in your life. One is with a slight taper and a short bowl while the other is with a flared lip. Have you been using the right type of glass for the appropriate wine all this time?