How To Choose The Perfect Shades To Coat Your Kitchen Walls




Color makes everything brighter and better. Imagine if we were to live in a world coated with only black and white like in those colorless TVs! Colors are capable of sending out a message and it is also capable of brightening and lightening things as well. However this depends on the color choice one makes. If you choose the wrong color that doesn’t suit, then it will not perform its job well either. Hence choosing the right color to coat anything is important and this goes to rooms as well and in this case, a kitchen. Here’s how you could choose the perfect shades to coat your kitchen walls;

Use a base

Of course you could blindly pick any color you want to paint your kitchen walls with but what would be the point of that? Use a base to decide your color choice. It could be your cabinet color that you changed after a kitchens renovations or you could even go for the all-white theme with an occasional burst of a color or two. If you decide to use your cabinet finish as a base then go for a color that goes with it rather than simply choosing the same color. This will certainly make things more interesting as well.


The reflection of light, whether it is natural due to the sunlight or artificial due the lighting installed, too is an important thing to be considered. The natural light reflect on the color coated walls differ in the day to when the sun goes down and this is also the case when it comes to artificial lighting as well. You want your kitchen to look spacious and airy and this could be achieved only if the right color choice is made to be balanced with the lighting system and it could even eliminate the need for an entire kitchen makeover as well.

Current trending

You could even consider the current trends as well when making your choice. Going for a more modern and bold look with simple colors like silver, black, white and having an occasional pop color or two, warm colors like yellow and red paired with an occasional green or two and even ombre shades of whichever color that is your favorite. These are some such trending suggestions that you could use when deciding a color choice.


You could also design your kitchen to go with a specific theme like putting up a nice kitchen granite countertops and then decide on a color coat that goes with it. It could be a vintage country theme that involves a lot of burlap brown and an occasional shade of yellow and green or a polish all-white theme where even the pantry and other accessories are all adorned with that color but to keep it more lively and playful you could add an accessory or two with pop bright hues or even paint a wall art with these hues.

A kitchen is the place where you work preparing your food, so make it comfortable and homely as well, that way you could stay in trend and also have a personalized touch too!