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Tiles make the room appear attractive and elegant. However, over time and by usage the tiles become stained and worn out calling for maintenance. In order for tiles to continue exhibiting their desirable qualities a constant routine cleaning and maintenance should be carried out. First of all a person needs to ensure that maximum effort has been put to take care of the tiles. This would involve ensuring that no unnecessary heavy load is placed on the tiles. Load such as machinery or heavy equipment should not be placed on tiles. Similarly, objects that are likely to stain the tiles should not be placed on them. For instance, machinery that drips oil or permanent dyes and paint should be kept away from the porcelain bathroom tile.

Different tiles require different type of care and maintenance. For instance, glazed ceramic tiles are often easy to clean in case they have spills. This might be a challenge in the case of porcelain tiles. The first step when it comes to cleaning the tiles is often to sweep or vacuum the tiles. This helps to remove any dust particles, dirt or any debris that might be on the floor. There are a number of household products that can be used for the cleaning.  When selecting such products however, one should ensure that the product is grout joint cleaning compatible. During tiles and grouch cleaning the entire area should be cleaned and scrubbed with a cleaner solution and then the surface should be rinsed and mopped dry. This will help to reduce the chances of someone slipping.

The use of the right cleaning agent can never be over emphasized. This is because in case the cleaning agent has hazardous elements such as acids or ammonia they will damage the tile. Ammonia based products are known to discolor the grout, while cleaners that have acid can damage both the glazed surface of the tile and the grout. For tiles with unglazed surfaces, they should be cleaned routinely with concentrated cleaners that have a neutral pH to ensure that they are clean. Such cleaners are reliable removers of grease, oils and spills.

At times during cleaning a person might wish to remove the sealer, waxes or even floor finishes from ceramic tiles. In such a situation, one can use a tile sealer and adhesive remover. To ensure that it works effectively and to avoid damaging the whole tile, it is advisable to test the reaction on a small area first. By applying small amounts to a tiny area one can monitor how the sealer reacts. If it softens as desired, then it is ok and safe to apply in on the entire tile surface from which one wants to remove the sealer or wax.  Once the sealer softens it should be wiped with a soft cloth or sponge and rinsed with clean water. When it comes to glass tiles there are a number of things that a person needs to be careful about. For instance, one should ensure that they use a non abrasive cleaning agent or household cleaner. The tiles should not be scrubbed using scouring pads, steel wool or sandpaper. Instead a person should use soft tissue pads such as soft clothes or sponge.