Repair Or Replace?

If there is one question that would always pop in your head when you see something broken, is “should I repair that or replace that?” There are so many things in our house which are broken that can be repaired instead of buying a new one. Buying a new one obviously costs a lot more than repairing it. Well, it’s not always true but most of the time it’s always cheaper to repair. Here are a few common things around the house that you can repair instead of replacing it.
Shoes – Believe it or not there was a time when a visit to the cobbler was like a visit to the barber for a haircut. Unfortunately, there are only a few shoe repair shops are still in business. If you are lucky you can find one in your local town, take all your favorite shoes to them and get them fixed. The one you used to wear everywhere until the heel broke or the sole came out. You can get them fixed and start wearing them easy. Also it’s very cost affective. You will only have to pay 1/10th of the price you would pay to buy a new shoe.
Electronic Appliances – Sometimes when it comes to electronic appliances minor tweaks to it can make working again the way it was when you bought it. So, before your think of replacing it try to repair it. Maybe only the power supply wire needs a replacement. Changing that alone can fix the whole appliance. Try to fix it yourself if you can or take it to an electric repair shop. There should be one in every town.
Tiles – If you have slightly cracked tiles, be it wall tiles, floor tiles and even roof tiles. You can repair them by calling a professional who does natural stone repairs.

You get them to do stone benchtop restoration in Melbourne as well instead of leaving them cracked and ugly. It will really make your natural stone tiles look like you just fixed new ones in your house.
Furniture – There will come a time when the wooden furniture will lose its colour and shine. Maybe even break a leg depending on what you do and how you use your furniture. What you should know is that it is repairable. All it takes is some extra wood, paint, varnish, nails and some patience. Buying new furniture is really expensive because of the wood they use. Repairing is the best thing you can do.
Friends – You might be wondering why I said friends. Well, we all have friends and people close to us. The best thing we can do is to repair our relationships with them instead of replacing them in our life. The question of repair or replace is questions that we think about when it comes to people as well. People are different and you can’t buy the same people with money so make sure you repair this without fail.