Why Use Hydrocarbons In Refrigeration


Hydrocarbons occur naturally and are non toxic refrigerants that do don’t have negative effects on the ozone layer. The also do not have a global warming potential that is familiar with most energy producing substances. Some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants in the world are carbon dioxide, water, air, Ammonia and hydrocarbons and the good thing is that they occur naturally. The reasons the hydrocarbon are better refrigerants is because of the energy saving costs they are responsible for which is approximately from 13% to about 37%.

In the near future the fluorocarbon refrigerants that are commonly used in conventional type of refrigerators will be phased out creating a need to contact hydrocarbon refrigeration suppliers for the environmental friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants. The fluorocarbons have a global warming potential which is being abolished to adopt more energy efficient compounds that save on costs for the user and the environment at large. Therefore when the phasing out is complete it will make the hydrocarbons to be among the safest, actually the most efficient refrigerants of the coming days.


The conventional air conditioners usually employ the use of chemical refrigerants to work on their cooling and heating. The chemicals that are responsible for the cooling and the heating are Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC’s) and Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC’s) and also incorporate the R410a, R22, and R134a. The environment has been accorded necessary publicity because of the degradation that is taking place Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC’s) on the environment. These discussions have raised some fundamental issues that need to be properly tackled to maintain the current standards in the environment. There is the use of chemical refrigerants that includes CFC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants presently in the refrigeration and the air conditioning systems. However, there has been an overwhelming support for the use of automotive hydrocarbon refrigerants in the air conditioning installation North Brisbane and the refrigeration.

One of the most important aspects of the change from use of fluorocarbon to naturally occurring hydrocarbon is the ability to reduce the electricity costs that are high on in the fluorocarbon. There is no important thing for a user of electronics than the ability to save energy especially on the kind of equipments mentioned above. Therefore an r600a replacement will be a better choice for the refrigeration systems to function more effectively. With the hydrocarbons there is a significant reduction in the running time during operation. The hydrocarbons are responsible for giving the refrigeration systems a reduction in the running time. 

The other most widely appreciated advantage of using hydrocarbon refrigerants is the fact that they are environmental friendly and are responsible for reducing the global warming potential. The hydrocarbons are birthed out of nature and seem to be more sensitive on nature than the conventional fluorocarbons. They do not have ozone depleting characteristics that make them very efficient in reducing green houses emission. Thus the automotive hydrocarbon refrigerant has an almost zero rated tag on the green house gases emission on the environmental especially atmosphere. The hydrocarbons are endowed with smaller molecule that will be responsible for increasing efficiency in the atmosphere.